Monday, April 23, 2007


Here's a recent print ad done for a popular superannuation firm here in Australia. The version above isn't the final they went with, but it was my favourite out of the lot.

Here's some DETAIL at actual size.

For this job I used rendered 3D elements in the 2D illustration. Below is a tutorial on how I combined the two and the changes it went through to get to the final illustration.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rock Paper Scissors

This was a character design/illustration job done for Pepsi Australia for a Rock, Papers, Scissors online promotion. The three characters are currently appearing on all the Pepsi bottles and cans here in Australia. HERE is a photograph of how they appear on the labels.

Also below is a link to a walkthrough of the creative process from brief to finished art.

EDIT 6/22/07- Better late than never. Below is the Pepsi 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' television commercial with the characters based on my designs. The rotoscoped animation is by fellow Aussie, Andy Finlayson.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Green Hell

Just finished a little job for Aussie writer/director, David Caesar (Dirty Deeds, Idiot Box). He's currently pitching an idea for a new movie and wanted a little visual stimulation to adorn the front page of the script. The aim was to try and capture the mood and feel for the movie and to cram in as many story elements and characters as possible, to get would-be investors salivating. It was a great script, a rollicking wartime adventure story with an Indiana Jones feel to it. Should be a top movie if it gets made. Glad to be involved.

Also HERE are the roughs, a character design for the hero, and the title roughs for the 'script teaser'.
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