Friday, August 03, 2007

Los Fugitivos! Now Playing!!

The illustration agency I work through, Drawing Book Studios is launching a self-promotional campaign which I was lucky enough to be involved in. Los Fugitivos is the brainchild of Drawing Book agent, Matt Jackson and his aim with the campaign is to promote the studio's illustrators and their character design capabilities.

Myself and four other artists were each asked to contribute a character, who will be pitted against each other in an animated slug-out for character design supremacy. Visitors to the site will be encouraged to vote for the best character and the winning character will then challenge new artist's characters the following month.

The commando below is my contribution and the skullgirl is my rendition of fellow artist Christopher Burns' character, which was done for a promotional sticker.

4pm Friday the 4th August 2007.

We regret to announce that they got out. Five fruitcake fugitivos freed from our illustrators’ imaginations are now at large and on the loose.

What’s worse is that without the usual gazillion guidelines; myriad mandatories and lame legalities we can’t really say what they’ll do. But we will take responsibility for rounding them up and ask that you don’t approach any animalistic animations prior to their action-packed apprehension. Stay clear of any suspicious characters and report any sightings of Bazookas, Chainsaws, falling boulders and lollypops.

However, far be it from a humble illustration studio to play judge and jury. So on the 10th of August 2007, we will post footage taken at Rectangulo Rojo, Mexico on the site You, the public will be able to set one fugitivo free. Set the fugitivo you feel has the most character and they will go free until the following month when they will appear alongside two new characters in attempt to again win another month of freedom.

Its Character building, imaginative escapism at it’s best!
Matt Jackson,
The Drawing Book Studios

So be sure to visit the website today!!

Also creator, Matt Jackson has set up a blog for feedback-
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