Thursday, November 08, 2007

Is there a Doctor in the House?

A caricature of Hugh Laurie as that big, lovable jerk, Doctor House. Looking haggard and disheveled as always.

Done for Diluc's Caricature Challenge website. Brushpen and digital.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well, this is awkward...

Hello...testing, this thing still on?

I'm FINALLY back from my extended, unscheduled blogging break. I could lay the blame for my blog's neglect on a brief obsession with Ebay and Asian horror films, but truthfully I just needed to take a break from it all while focusing more on my paid drawing work, spending some quality time with family, pursuing other hobbies and just recharging the batteries.

A big thanks to everyone who hung around despite the lack of new posts. I'll try and keep things rolling along regularly from now on...

As you may have noticed from the previous post, my Commando character won the first round of Drawing Book's, 'Los Fugitivos' battle (mainly due to the unintentional promotion of my character here on this blog. Thanks to everyone who voted!), so that means I'm going through to the next round to face a fresh slew of ugly and amusing challengers. One of which is the rolling pin weilding 'Snail Lady' created by the very talented Jason Paulos. Much like the Skull Girl from the previous post, I was asked to draw my version of his character for the PROMO POSTER, so here it is...

Los Fugitivos Round 2 is being launched in late November but here's a little SNEAK PREVIEW of my character's reaction when he encounters his new challenger. Should be fun.
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