Monday, August 10, 2009

Shades of grey

Some black and white stuff from the last few weeks.

I came in at the tail end of 'Shark Week' last week and being a big fan of sharks, had to squeeze a drawing in. And who better than the baddest of all sharks, the Great White. Drawn with black coloured pencil, I also experimented a lot with my custom brushes in Photoshop to get some cool textures. I'm thinking of adding some colour to this as well.

Second is a drawing of gaming nerd, Olivia Munn. Done for a Drawing Jam over at The Drawing Board. Graphite.

Lastly is a caricature of the ultra-talented caricaturist, Samuel 'Big Sam' Sellers.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Desktop magazine cover

Back in March I posted some heroes and villains which I drew and helped design for Desktop magazine's CREATE awards. For the upcoming September issue I was invited back to illustrate the superheroes again, this time for their awards flip cover. Thanks to the trusting people over at Desktop I was given a lot of freedom for the cover, so I chose to draw my favourite of the heroes, the tattooed punk chick 'Berangèr' (or as I like to call her, 'Inkstain'). In the tattooey swirl on the right I incorporated symbols which represented all of the other characters, some are obvious and some are pretty obscure (fourteen in all, see if you can identify them).

This was inked once again with my Pentel brush pen and coloured in Photoshop. For the spattery airbrushed colouring I used one of my custom brushes, (#3 in Set 6, which I just discovered was coincidentally titled 'Ink Stain 3'. Ha!). If you haven't checked them out already, you can download my free brushes here.

Also check out here, for the rough, colour comp and pencil stages.

Below is how the issue looks with title and blurb. Currently for sale in Australia all of September.

All artwork © Chris Wahl 2019 unless otherwise stated. All characters are copyright to their respective owners