Saturday, November 14, 2009

A night at Dr. Sketchy's

I recently attended Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School at the Arthouse Hotel in Sydney. A great night out sketching burlesque dancers, drinking, great music and a burlesque shimmy at halftime, all in a very classy pub atmosphere. Afterwards it was drinks with the hosts, models and fellow sketchers. Loads of fun.

Here are some of my better sketches from the night.

Me drawing another 5 minute sketch from the night. Couldn't scan this one as the original was signed and given to the barmaid at her request.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sebastian Krüger

One of the most well known caricaturists in the world is German born 'personality portrait' artist, Sebastian Krüger. His original works sell worldwide for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I remember being utterly wowed when I first encountered his work.

So it seemed appropriate to choose him as the subject for this month's Caricature Jam over at the Drawing Board forums. To caricature the master is the least his fellow caricaturists (and loyal subjects) can do, all the while on our knees chanting, 'We're not worthy! We're not worthy!'

Above is my contribution to the jam. It was an experiment made in Photoshop using lasso cuts and one of my many custom Photoshop brushes. You can download them for free here.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the artwork at 100%.
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