Friday, January 22, 2010

Swimsuit She-Hulk

For those of us old enough to remember comicbooks from the 90's, you may remember those cheesy Marvel Swimsuit Specials with heroes and villains bathing in their swim trunks frolicking poolside while striking a pose. The heroes were usually taken so far out of context that it seemed utterly ridiculous...nowhere else would you see Colossus wearing a thong or Wolverine in a pair of cutoff jeans (those images are still painfully burnt into my retinas). that I've created some sort of kooky context of my own, here's my tribute to those comics. Presenting She-Hulk in an bikini!

CLICK FOR UNCROPPED IMAGE (Warning: skimpy swimwear)
This was actually done for last month's Drawing Jam over at the Drawing Board. The subject for the Jam was fitness expert Jaime Koeppe, so her physique and one of the photos in particular lent themselves well to a She-Hulk piece. Here's the photo I used as reference. Also here's the pencil drawing I started with.
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