Friday, July 13, 2007

Mixed Bag

Whenever I haven't got anything extra special to post, I'll be putting up jobs, sketches and personal work that I feel didn't warrant a post on their lonesome. So enjoy...

A caricature (within a caricature) of Canadian Caricaturist extraordinaire, Sam Gorrie from over at the NCN forums.

These two characters, the glass slippers and the window in the background had to be integrated convincingly into a furniture photo (right down to correct lighting and the reflection in the floor). The client was Freedom Furniture.

A style sample done for the job I'm currently working on. The photo reference for the face was taken from a great book called, "Facial Expressions" by Mark Simon.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


You've probably all seen these award winning and controversial Aussie commercials somewhere on the internet. They were for Lynx, a men's deodorant and the premise of the campaign was a phoney airline called LynxJet with scantily clad stewardesses and their rather personal inflight services.

Anyway, my point is that I was brought onboard (no pun intended) to illustrate the LynxJet logo for the campaign. They wanted an airforce wings feel to the logo. The final was created using illustrator.

As you'll see from the promo ad below, my art was used extensively. From the product packaging to press, tv and billboard advertisements (some the size of buildings). It was also made into hat pins and name badges for the 'stewardesses' and even painted onto a fully sized commercial airliner. The most exposure my art's ever received...although everyone was probably too busy gawking at the women to notice. Oh well, besides payment I received one of the stewardess's bagdes for my troubles.

All artwork © Chris Wahl 2019 unless otherwise stated. All characters are copyright to their respective owners