Friday, August 11, 2006


A somewhat brutal sketch of Angelina Jolie from over at the Drawing Book Jams, but I think the likeness is still there.

She has a lot of sharp, angular lines to play with on her head and body, so it was a fun experiment. No shading either, as I wanted to see what I could achieve with just line only.


Blogger Dan szilagyi said...

i think its cool never the less, cool stuff!

3:37 PM  
Blogger Toby said...

Do you do more of your illustrating by hand (ie pencil/ or digitally? If didgitally, what program do you use? I have a Wacom Graphire tablet and I can't seem to just draw right on it or even trace a drawing. What am I doing wrong?


1:56 AM  
Blogger J. Nowland said...

Hey Chris..... I really like this... maybe because I'm a huge fan of hard line stuff.... but I like it... it reminds me of AEON Flux (cartoon).... just the hardness of corners.... all in all.... looks like your pushing to new places again... good to see... inspires a person to do the same... Thanks.... PEACE!

8:05 AM  
Blogger Seo Kim said...

This looks great, and all your caricatures are damn amazing!

3:12 PM  
Blogger Henry Elmo Bawden said...

Creepy. But good job on the caricature.


4:28 AM  
Blogger Chris Wahl said...

Thanks again everyone.

toby- 99% of my drawing is still done by hand (pencil or ink) and scanned into the computer. I have a Wacom Intuous, which has more pressure sensitivity than the Graphire, and I still get a shaky line when drawing. So unless you are gonna invest in a Cintiq (which allows you to draw directly onto the screen), I recommend just to keep drawing by hand and leave the Wacom for colour work.

4:44 PM  

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