Friday, December 14, 2007

Four in One

As the title suggests, I've crammed four different topics into this one post. Mainly because I didn't want to push too many of the good, older posts off the main page with lots of crappy little ones, so I've combined these all into one.

More Cartoon Cheesecake
A while back I posted some fun interpretations of popular cartoon characters as saucy cheesecake pinups. There were a few others from that batch that I never ended up posting, so here they are for the first time. You'll notice there's cropped thumbnails linking to the main pics, however the content is pretty tame and there's no nudity.

Below are Nani from Lilo and Stitch, Sailor Moon, Archie's Betty and Veronica and the answer to 'Why they call him Jughead?' and Thundercats' Cheetara.

Some of you may have noticed the new links in the Shop and Tshirt sections for my Redbubble store. Redbubble's a great little community based website with a marketplace to create and sell your own custom merchandise. I have loads of shirts and prints for sale over there so check 'em out.

Battle Scars
I posted the original of this 3D piece, waaay back in my first blog post. Recently when I decided to polish it up for sale as a print over at Redbubble I added a few extra elements to add more depth and detail. Here's a link to the original. Let me know if you think these additions have added or detracted to it's appeal.

VB Warnie figurine
Recently I was lucky enough to get my first toy design job. It was to design a talking figurine for beer makers VB, of legendary and controversial Australian cricketing spin bowler, Shane Warne. Currently you can purchase the toys after collecting barcodes from the cartons of the beer or purchase them online at VB's Summer of Spin website

Below you can see some of the many different designs and poses that were used as a guide to create the figurine and the 3D artwork and animation that appear on the cartons and website.

Here's a link to a photo from the unveiling of a statue-sized version of the figurine.

And here's the finished figurine...

On a different note, I've noticed one or two broken links on my older posts and have fixed them. If anyone comes across pictures that don't load in earlier posts or the gallery section, please let me know and I'll get on it. Thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to know about problem links, I don't think some of the links to your wahlpaper are working right... maybe it's just me though.

4:00 PM  
Blogger Chris Wahl said...

Yep, you're right. I'll look into it. Thanks!

4:34 PM  
Blogger Dominic Bugatto said...

Love the pin ups , thanks for sharing.

3:45 AM  
Blogger Pat Bollin said...

Great to see you posting again, man! Fun stuff too.

Pat (aka Sendak)

11:03 AM  
Blogger heri said...

good to see you posting again, and reminded me to post as well, I'm loving the toy design and cartoon caricature. I also got my self one of your shirt designs.

what do you think is better, redbubble or caffexpress?


9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I'm a newbie to blogger and I was wondering do you host your images somewhere else, and if not, how do you get them to link to the full size version from your post?

3:53 PM  
Blogger Chris Wahl said...

Heri- Thanks man. Which shirt did you buy?

Redbubble's better for Tshirt qaulity and colour choices, but Cafepress have a wide range of knick knacks to put your art on (magnets, badges, bags etc). So they're both good for their own separate reasons.

pj mcdonnell- With the cropped thumbs linking to the full picture I first created another blog which I keep for private viewing only. I then upload the uncropped full picture onto the private blog. Then I upload the cropped art to my regular blog.

Heres where it gets tricky. In the image code for the uploaded picture there's two main parts describing the art. The first part shows the location of the enlarged view of the art. The second part shows the location of the thumbnail.

Copy the location of the art on your private blog and paste it over the location of the full sized cropped art on your other blog. What happens is that it'll show the thumbnail of the cropped art on your blog, but when pressed it will show the uncropped version of your art from your private blog.

That probably doesn't make much sense but hopefully you can get something out of it.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That makes perfect sense, thanks. Ddid you host your other blog on blogger as well or do you know a better place. Also, did you customize your blog yourself (html-wise) or can you reccomend someone?

3:46 PM  
Blogger Chris Wahl said...

Yep the private blog is blogger as well.

And I customized my own blog just using trial and error.

8:10 PM  
Blogger patrick mate said...

Great Illustrations,I love your work Chris.
Happy holidays

7:04 AM  
Blogger kollyo said...

Merry X-mas, Chris!
Thank u for the awesome art and thank u for sharing your tips on blogger settings( for some time i've been wondering how to put up a good portfolio on blogger, and now i have an idea)
Keep posting, keep inspiring!!!!

1:42 AM  
Blogger Jason Quinones said...

diggin those pin-up chicks!!
my fave's the betty and veronica one. love the realistic approach you took with it.

and thanks for sharing your blogger building tips with us. interesting to know that this cool looking blog was all built up on one carrier system.

8:01 AM  
Blogger heri said...

I got the StereoHed on brown. I order it about a month ago, I still haven't received it tho. I wanted it for christmas.

5:37 AM  
Blogger Phayce said...

The Grrr.. shirt is quite amazing!

10:59 AM  
Blogger Chris Wahl said...

kollyo/jason- Thanks. With the gallery, the trick is to remember you can create as many blogs as you want. My gallery menu is a blog, and the gallery section is a blog with the different sections linked to the menu items. I used to have another blog for my Wallpaper (which, incidentally I decided to close down permanently just yesterday) and so was my FAQ section. Also some of my tutorials have their own blogs just so the details don't take up too much room on the main page. Be sure to take advantage of the unlimited blog access and just link them to one another to create one big superblog!

Heri- A warning, Heri. The only shirt I oredered from Redbubble so far has been the same one as you chose, and unfortunately it turned out very, very dark compared to the original. They assured me it was a one off mistake, but be sure to insist on a replacement if you think it isn't good enough. Redbubble is a fairly young company and still has a few problems to iron out.

Thanks all.

1:15 AM  
Blogger heri said...

Thanks for the tip chris.


11:20 AM  
Blogger . said...

I like the girl character :)
Happy New Year from...

9:56 AM  
Blogger greg oakes said...

yay chris!! :)

8:08 PM  
Blogger Joe Bluhm said...

Love the Cheesecake Pinups. Those are fun, sexy, well drawn, simple and expressive.

I dig when you use color limitation. The combinations work well and sell a uniqueness to those pieces.

Very nice.

5:30 PM  
Blogger expansion said...

ha congrats dude. those toys are awesome. they are all awesome spec bottom left!

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome stuff!

i really liek the 3D monster you made. looks way better than the original! original looked a little dull in color. highlights make it pop out more ^_^

4:51 AM  
Blogger the doodlers said...

Amazing work here! We've visited before but I think this is the first time we commented.

Your stuff is inspired! But since you asked, i compared the early 'Battle Scars' with this revised version. I love the addition of the tattoo and most of the enhancements, but that new increased saturation on the reds around the forehead, eyes and cheek is a bit distracting. You could just knock the glowing red back a tad..split the dif between old and new. But that's just me! It's all good.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Chris Wahl said...

Thanks everyone!

Doodlers- I think you guys have commented before, your avatar looks familiar.

Thanks for the feedback on the picture, I'll incorporate your suggestions and see how they look.

Arlo- Also thankyou for your feedback. I'll try and find a happy medium between the two versions.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Redbubble, but I think looks more promising. Myartspace is testing print service right now and they will soon have shops that both their free members and Premium members can use. Their also going to have forums, blogs, and group features. It looks like it is building up to be a great site and the fact that they have video capability is a plus for me. Here are some samples of the profiles on myartspace below. Anything is better than! And has a very negative vibe if you look up how one of the founders was let go for no reason AND there volunteer staff tend to delete any forum topic that includes links to other art sites. In that sense they are a very large, but closed community. Deviantart also does not allow people to delete their accounts fully so their membership numbers may very well be higher than what is actually active, but what can you expect from a site that is so focused on ad profits. I also think deviantarts traffic is overstated since most of it is from young teens who most likely will not buy prints. Other sites are smaller, but I think they probably have quality traffic compared to deviantart. I also like the interviews that myartspace does at and As for Redbubble, I do like their forums and sense of community. I'm also looking into But for now looks to be the most promising site I've seen in some time. Samples of myartspace accounts below.

2:28 AM  
Blogger Chris Wahl said...

Thanks Jark for your in-depth response.

I'll be sure to check 'em out.

2:33 AM  
Blogger محمد الفوقاني said...

Mr.chris whal
what kind of drawing tools do you use?or what kind of drawing do you use?

11:08 AM  
Blogger محمد الفوقاني said...

i mean drawing programs?

11:10 AM  
Blogger Chris Wahl said...

Hi Fogan

I mainly use Photoshop. For the 3D work I use Zbrush and Cinema4D. I also use Painter as well.

Most of my ink work is inked by hand and scanned in. I use Faber Castell Pitt pens for inking.

12:23 PM  

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